About firm

I believe in the quality of our products.

Dear business associates,
Since the very beginning of QTS we have focused on solving the problems connected with ecological solvent degreasing and equipping workshops, metal furnishings.

Our main aim is the manufacture of ecological solvent degreasing tables for a wide range of customers. Part of this production project is the sale of specialist wash liquids for cold, no-rinse degreasing. Upon delivery of new solvents we guarantee the removal and ecological disposal of contaminated waste solvents. 

We are specialists in degreasing.

Whether you are seeking new appropriate products or are searching non-standard degreasing equipment or technology, our professional, qualified and experienced team will assist you along the way. Since the very beginning I have always put great emphasis on the quality of our products and the provision of superior service. The fact that we have delivered over 8000 pieces is not just success it is a commitment to our customers. Professional customer care and customer satisfaction is the core principle of the company.

Thank you for your loyalty and commitment over the last 25 years, it is greatly appreciated.

Jiri Volenec